A Redditor recently asked which Montana town would be better to visit after narrowing his choices down to either Missoula or Bozeman. Brace yourself if you are a Missoulian, some of the comments left behind as advice may (or may not) surprise you.

The post began innocently enough: "Some friends and I are thinking of doing a long weekend in Montana. We're from Canada and in our early 20s. So far I've narrowed down the destination to Bozeman or Missoula. We like to hike (nothing longer than a day, though) and drink, and we have a preference for weird/unique places. It looks like there's lots of hiking and drinking to be had in both cities, so my question is which is the more interesting place overall?"

And the responses that followed included:

Bozeman. Bozeman all the way. Especially for the hiking. I don't know what (reddit user) is saying about Missoula being more hip & funky, it isn't. Unless she meant hip for hippies, and funky for their smell (seriously, Missoula is full of hippies).


If you want to be drowned in weed, i suggest Bozeman. If you want to see a hipster every few second and have them give you a stupid look...go Missoula!


Missoula - An odd mix of hippies smoking pot and rednecks driving around their jacked up trucks. Chronically cloudy in the winter but better proximity to Flathead Lake. City is horribly disorganized and is much larger than Bozeman.


Depends which of those two is more important. If hiking? Bozeman. If drinking is more important? Missoula

Perhaps the people who commented are not too far from the truth with the portrayal of Missoula. In fact, when it comes to hippies, hipsters and slightly disorganized streets, then yes. We can't argue that. But does Bozeman truly trump us when it comes to tourism? After all, we have a thriving nightlife, some fantastic views and a beautiful downtown area. Are we really second place to the other college town in terms of visiting for a good time?

Sound off with your thoughts below...

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