The 1st Annual Re-Prom is coming to The Broadway Bar and Events Center on May 21st. That's less than a two weeks away!

We realize that there is a bit of a time crunch when it comes to this event, so we want to do our best to give you a day-to-day breakdown on the things to get, the appointments to make, and the things you need to bring.

So, let's get you prepared with an itemized checklist to ensure you have everything you need for this special event. Trust us, if you stick to this plan, we promise that you will have all of the essentials needed to make this night an absolute success.

This Week

  • Start looking for the proper formal dress- We suggest looking for some garments that reflect the days of when you were in high school! Don't be afraid to bust out that moth eaten pink ruffled poodle skirt or John Travolta 70's suit with the gold chain. Don't waste time!
  • Think of a date, start asking now!- Do you know who you want to ask to the Re-Prom? Do not wait until the last minute! Ask him, or get him to ask you, but do it soon.
  • Prepare your budget- Start thinking about how much you want to spend that night. Also consider the cost of dinner and drinks.
  • Hair and Nails- Start maintaining them


  • Prom Plans- Start thinking of pre-prom and post-prom plans. Remember, the Broadway offers cheap rates on rooms if you don't want to travel far after the party.
  • Make Appointments- Most women have their hair done before their proms. This event should be no exception. You may also consider a mani or pedi. Schedule times for those as soon as possible.
  • Start Accessorizing- You got the dress, now, what do you wear with it? Purses, necklaces, shoes. All a must!
  • Break in your new shoes- Trust me, you'll want to take your shoes around the house a few times just to get them to wear in a bit. Nothing worse than callous heels after a night of dancing.
  • Corsage- Remind your date to order one!
  • Get some sleep- Trust me, you will need the energy during this event. Make sure you get at least two full nights of rest before the big day.


  • Don't freak out- OK. Maybe just a little ;)
  • Stock up your purse- Extra money, charged cell phone. Make-up, etc.
  • Appointments- Attend all of your hair and nail appointments.
  • Get ready, get excited, get dressed, get your Re-Prom on!