Ravalli County is changing the way it communicates emergencies and other pertinent information with the public. Undersheriff Steve Holten has more about their new cellphone application.

"One of the big things with that app is we can push notifications," Holten said. "So if we have a road closed due to a traffic crash, we're doing evacuations due to fires, or we're just trying to notify the public of areas that they might want to avoid just to save time, we can push those notifications to their phones in real time."

Holten said the app will also be used for missing person cases.

"We can push notifications for that with pictures, wanted person cases and we can put actual wanted posters on that app," Holten said. "We'll get all the press releases up on that app, but it's working out realy good. The app has only been up for about two weeks now."

Holten said the app is free and available now. To download the app, head to the app store on your smartphone and search "Ravalli County Sheriff."