The Missoula County Attorney's Office has filed a list of expert witnesses scheduled to testify during the Markus Kaarma deliberate homicide trial that begins on December 1. 

According to the document filed in Missoula District Court on Tuesday, the expert witnesses include Edward Hueske, with Forensic Training and Consulting, from Palestine, Texas; State Medical Examiner Gary Dale, and several individuals who work at the State Crime Lab in Missoula. They include Forensic Science Supervisor Travis Spinder, Forensic scientist Jennifer Revis-Siegfried, and Toxicologists Scott Schlueter, Michele Duffus and Lynn Kurtz. Also listed to testify is Forensic Scientist Jamie Bray.

The Kaarma trial is expected to draw international attention, since the victim was Diren Dede, a 17 year-old exchange student from Hamburg, Germany.

Dede was shot by Kaarma as he was allegedly trespassing in Kaarma's garage in April. Kaarma has been charged with deliberate homicide, while his defense team claims Kaarma was protecting his family and property through what has become known as the 'Castle Doctrine'.

Kaarma has entered a plea of not guilty, and is currently free on $30,000 bond. The trial will be in Missoula District Court, with Judge Ed McLean presiding.