I'm very excited to be able to spend a day seeing Yellowstone on my Birthday. Taking in natural beauty in one of America's premier vacation spots. I'm gearing up literally for the trek. 

I'll be camping the night before and recently had a hole in my air mattress so I've purchased a new one, have some blankets and am ready there. The most important thing though is preparing for the hike.

The hike is 5 miles round trip if we don't continue on and turn around at the falls.

I've got two nalgene bottles and a good back I can have extra water in. That is one of the most important things anytime you are hiking, water... the key to survival in many ways.

Second we need protection, I have a good knife and spray. Bear spray is recommended when traveling in heavily wooded areas.

Wearing the proper attire while hiking will help make the hike more bearable. I like to go with something comfortable but not short shorts remember there are bugs that bite and other ways to acquire harm to your skin while out in the woods. I go with a pair of yoga capris.

For now that is what I have prepare for this hike and travels in Yellowstone. I will be back with more.

Photo courtesy of Google Maps