Paul Feig is best known for his original comedies, a filmmaker who’s brought the talents of female comedy actresses into the spotlight. But after rebooting Ghostbusters with an all-female cast, Feig says he’ll return to original stories instead making another reboot.

When The Huffington Post recently asked Feig whether he plans to reboot another classic movie, the filmmaker said. “No, no, no. No, I will not.” Feig added that he chose to reboot Ghostbusters because it was too tempting of an opportunity to pass up, and one he could do something exciting with. And Feig does do some exciting things with his Ghostbusters, like proving women can actually be funny while getting work done (can you believe it?!).

While Feig’s Ghostbusters is commendable for bringing a refreshing touch to a classic and repackaging the ghost-catching story for a new generation, specifically a younger female one, it’s far from his strongest comedy. Feig is at his best when working with original material, infusing raunchy and brazen female voices into stale tropes and sub-genres often led by men. He did it with a female wedding comedy, a spy comedy and a buddy cop comedy. And though Feig's signature style was written all over the new Ghostbusters, it felt constrained by a desire to pay homage to Reitman’s original.

Even if Feig does return for a sequel to his Ghostbusters reboot, which Sony has yet to confirm but says is “no doubt” on the way, it’s exciting to hear he’ll return to original storytelling.