Dear John Engen,

It was great to see you again out at the Walk To End Alzheimers event this weekend. I just have to say, you look fantastic! How much weight have you lost? It's truly remarkable. When you arrived to give your speech to the participants of this event many people came to my booth and said that if it were not for me introducing you to the crowd they never would have recognized you. The transformation is astounding.

You and I have much in common, we have a passion for this community and love to offer support to many local organizations and benefits. However, with that passion comes many hours away from home and the office which can impose an unhealthy amount of stress upon our bodies. Our schedules are never predictable and each day is a constant whirlwind of meetings and public appearances. This can wreak havoc on anyone who is attempting to regulate their diet, it's not easy to follow the "eat clean every two hours" rule with this kind of agenda. You, however, have managed to do it all, and have clearly succeeded.

I just wanted to send you a letter in hopes that you understand that you are now my new role model. You are a fantastic example, and proof that success can happen even under the most challenging circumstances. I used to think that there is no way I can manage my lifelong battle with weight loss with my insane schedule, but now I see that if someone can handle the everyday stress of maintaining an ENTIRE city AND be able to carve away at their midsection then most anyone can do it. For me, no excuses from here on out! Thank you.

I certainly hope this letter reaches you. I would love nothing more than to receive a reply on how you managed to succeed with your weight loss goals. I guarantee that if you shed a little insight on how you shed the pounds then you'll end up being a role model for others aside from just myself. How did you do it??

Keep up the great work, Mr. Mayor. Don't take this the wrong way, but I look forward to seeing less and less of you very soon.