For someone who claims to not know who the members of One Direction are, Miley Cyrus sure does seem to know a lot about them. Case in point? When asked about her VMA nomination for Best Song of the Summer, the 'We Can't Stop' singer cited a specific member's personal life as a reason she may steal the lead in the fan-voted category.

"I'm gonna just put my guard down and not be proud about that," Cyrus told MTV News about 1D's 6.3 million to her 3.6 million votes. "Bitches be cray! They be cray!" She did note, however, "I think I got lucky with [Zayn Malik] getting engaged. Maybe something will turn. That's like, so crazy."

Still, don't think poor Miley's ego is too bruised by the likely loss.

"I'm excited 'cause I feel like I've heard my song all summer long on the radio," she said, "so I feel like it's the song of the summer."

As for her performance of 'We Can't Stop,' Cyrus is making a lot of lofty promises.

"My video is pretty insane, so if you can imagine that times a thousand [then you have my performance]," she revealed. "Everyone's always told me the favorite thing about watching that video is that they want to go that party more than anything, now I feel like this is kind of my fans being at the party," she added.

"It's gonna be sick, especially being here in Brooklyn. It's going to be amazing ... it's rock pop, hip-hop, everything I love in one performance," she continued. "I'm ready to go!"

"Hopefully this is the best VMA performance of all time," she said. "That's the standard I'm setting. I just think it's going to be so much fun... feeling the energy in rehearsals, it feels so good. It was kind of this crazy dream that's we've been having this past month, so now to have it come to life is really beautiful."