Okay so I've gone from zero to like 120 on the Christmas spirit scale! And truthfully I'm not embarrassed about it! Keep in mind this is coming from the girl who put Christmas lights up in her studio in the second weekend of November sooo...

Growing up, picking out a Christmas tree and decorating it was a major family tradition. We would use my brothers, who are both over 6'5, to judge the height of the tree we wanted. Then we'd come home, put on Kenny G's Miracles Christmas album and bust out the old box of Christmas ornaments.

My mom would make hot chocolate and my brothers and I would fight each other over prime tree branch placement for our ornaments. I remember it being so fun and so special.

Now that I'm older, I carry on the tradition by face-timing my mother and making my own mug of hot cocoa. While I wish my parents and brothers could have been there with me to help decorate my tree, I still have the fond memories of past Christmases when we were all together.

Plus it makes things way easier when you don't have to fight anyone for a tree branch to hang your ornament on!