At the time of writing this article, some, if not many students may consider ditching their books and teachers at noon to show support against "unforgivable student debt and soaring tuition prices".

Also in an effort to raise awareness for the current "Occupy Wall Street" stand-off, the mission has now found it's way onto the University of Montana Campus. According to the Facebook event page, a small handful (42 at last count) are pledging to gather at the UM Oval following the walk out. This civilized protest is only a pre-cursor to many more planned events including general assembly scheduled for Saturday at 10am downtown next to the "XXXX's".

Supporters, and the ones that may oppose this movement, both predict that today's event will not be just another protest that will die out quickly.  If anything, these attempts at spotlighting the fact that these students are the "poorest 99% of America" may increase over the coming weeks as the entire nation is forming organizations not only on Wall Street, but campuses across the nation.

Are you a University of Montana student? Do you intend to walk-out of your class today?