KGVO News learned Thursday that the annual Fourth of July fireworks show at Southgate mall was cancelled, which has been a focal point of the summer for thousands.

The Missoula City Fire Department wants to remind residents that it is illegal to shoot off fireworks within the city limits.

Assistant Fire Marshall Dax Fraser said there are only a few small varieties of what are called 'novelty fireworks' that are allowed.

"Some novelty fireworks are allowed," Fraser said. "They are basically snakes and glow worms, party poppers, toy smoke devices and sparklers, but the larger fireworks are still illegal within the city limits. Part of that is just being a good citizen, because when you shoot off loud fireworks it can disturb your neighbors."

Fraser said there can be much more serious repercussions for those who choose to shoot off fireworks inside Missoula.

"You could start a fire on your property or on someone else's, and naturally, you would be liable for the cost of any damage or injuries," he said. "Worse yet, in the event of a fire, a firefighter or other emergency worker could be injured, as well."

The Missoula city ordinance states the penalties for fireworks violations:

Any person who violates this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to the following fines:

1st offense…$100 + court costs

2nd offense (during the same calendar year as the 1st offense)…$300 + court costs

Fraser said his recommendation would be to travel outside Missoula to enjoy a professional fireworks show, or attend the Missoula Osprey fireworks program on July 1.