I tend to shop for groceries later at night. Usually, so I can avoid the crowds, the screaming children and the long lines. On a recent trip to Wally World, I saw a lady walking though the parking lot, toward the entrance of Wal-Mart and she wasn’t wearing any shoes. I did a triple take, because it was dark and I thought she could have been wearing very thin flip-flops.

Tiffany Madison

I ended up following her into the store. When we got into the well-lit entrance… I realized she was BAREFOOT! Disgusting! The bottom of her feet were black. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t think any of my friends would believe it either… So, I did what any ‘normal’ human being would do. I discreetly snapped these pictures. (LOL)

*Side note- My cell makes a very loud snap noise when I take pictures, so I had to loudly cough as I was snapping the pics.

Why would anyone, in America, walk barefoot inside one of America’s largest retailers? Do you even realize what is on the floor, parasites, germs, glass…?

I always wondered about the ‘No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service’ sign. Can you wear a shirt and no shoes? How about no shirt but shoes? Is it an either or policy, or both? And when did Wal-Mart stop enforcing that policy? Or would half of their customer base be removed if they more strictly enforced the rule?