Even though fire danger has been elevated to 'high' in Missoula County, fireworks sales will not be cut off, according to Missoula County Officials.

Missoula County Communications Coordinator Katie Klietz said on Friday that there will be no fireworks ban in the county this year.

"Even if conditions might call for such a ban, it would be too late to initiate it, being so close to the Fourth of July," Klietz said. "Fireworks sales will continue through the holiday. We just ask that people use caution while using fireworks, and to remember, that fireworks are illegal within the city limits.'

Owner of Blue Dragon Fireworks, Debbie Clevidence, said when she heard a rumor that the county might ban fireworks sales, she immediately went to the courthouse.

"This morning I went down to the Missoula County Courthouse, and I ran into the gal that makes the recommendations for making such a decision, and she said no, there was no recommendation that we ban fireworks at this time, and even if I did, it was too late to do it, and she said just let everyone know they need to be safe," Clevidence said. "Business is way down. I think everybody is gun shy because of last year. People are saying they want to wait and see if there will be a ban. So, now, everybody can rest easy. Fireworks are not going to be banned in Missoula County."

All fireworks stands are located outside the city limits.