Missoula County officials are in the process of creating a new website to be unveiled this spring.

Since western Montana has a wide variety of photographers and artists, county administrators are asking for local submissions to be included in the new website.

Communications and Projects Director Anne Hughes said the new website will feature large images on the homepage.

"We have thousands of pages on the county website, and we want to make them a lot better than they are now," Hughes said. "Part of that effort is seeking photographs from local photographers and artists who are interested in having their work displayed as part of the website's design. We will be crediting their work, definitely, and we're really hoping for some great submissions."

Hughes said the spectacular beauty of western Montana is the perfect subject matter to be included in the new website.

"Missoula County is a darn photogenic place, so it would be nice to get some good outdoor shots of folks recreating or any of the great amenities that we have either inside or outside the city limits," she said. "We'd like to capture the great quality of the people and places we have here to put on the website."

To present submissions for the website, send images to photos@co.missoula.mt.us