Bo Reichenbach is a 25 year old Montana native from Billings.  He joined the Navy in 2008 and became a member of Navy Seal Team 2 in 2010. He was deployed to Afghanistan  in January of 2012. In July of that same year he stepped on an IED. Here’s how he described what happened; “I hit the ground and was awake immediately,”  “My left leg was completely gone; my right leg was damaged pretty bad. I just knew I had to stop the bleeding. I tried getting a tourniquet on and I couldn’t  because my right arm was pretty mangled.”

Bo is married and has a 5 year old son. A group called America’s  Fallen Heroes is working to establish a trust fund so an accessible home can be built for Bo. Several fund raising events will be held here in Missoula starting Friday.  Craig & Al from the KYSS FM Morning Show will be emceeing the BBQ Friday night at McCormick Park. I’ll also be at Bitterroot Ford  that morning helping hand out free coffee and good eats. Bo will be at both events.  He’ll also be at the Griz game on Saturday. Some of his fellow Seals will be parachuting into the game as a show of support.This whole weekend series of events are our opportunity to stand up and show our support.  Try and get to one of them and make a donation.


EVENT :1   Friday August 30, 2013  Tandem Parachute Jumps with Navy SEALs and former Navy Leap Frogs,  #10 spots are available to jump at approximately  #13,500ft with a Navy SEAL combat veteran in Missoula,  $5,000.00 each jump,  Charity 501(c)3 donation, the funds go to Bo’s trust account.

EVENT:2   Friday August 30 , 2013  Barbecue 5pm McCormick Park, Missoula, MT., Cregg Ln & Orange Streets.  Outback Steakhouse serving Food,  water, pop, beer, music with proceeds going to Bo’s Charity Trust account.  $10.00 donation for dinner.

EVENT:3   Saturday August 31,  2013  7am-10am:  Pancake Feed  American Legion  825 Ronan Street,  Missoula,  $8.00 donation breakfast, all you can eat, benefiting Bo.

EVENT:4   Saturday August 31, 2013 Grizzly Football Game:  6 Navy Leap Frogs will parachute into Grizzly Stadium to honor and recognize one of their injured brothers and the campaign to help raise funds to build his home.