High-flying point-of-view videos have a unique way of leaving most viewers breathless. Not to mention the inevitable crash landings and close calls with nearby rocks and cliffs and you’ll break a sweat.

Paratroopers over Missoula? No. Not really..

Local YouTube user Bryce Adams placed a camera into his helmet of and went flying from the peak of Mount Jumbo in our beautiful town of Missoula, MT. The speedflyer got off to a beautiful start, and once it reached heights to where the entire city skyline could be balanced out, that is where the real fun began. The dizzying display of unique aerial maneuvers is a pretty thrilling, and a beautiful viewing experience of our hometown.

The landing? Not so much...

In fact, the man who dared to fly above Missoula actually pointed out that this is how to land WRONG and explains that this is for "educational purposes".