So tonight I'm back at the Wilma Theater for another Fight Night. I'm usually the DJ in the sound booth that helps fighters with their entrance music and background songs to hype the crowd. As always, I just can't help but notice HOW MANY women attend these events! The crazy thing? Some of these women scream louder in the aisles than some of the men while watching dudes beat up other dudes for 3 straight hours.

No joke, its like two girls for every one man at some of these fights! Help me understand, because I know so many other girls that will swear off any thing that has violence in it. My wife doesn't attend these monthly brawls, or watch violent TV, it's not her thing. And she is not alone. I guess I just had a different perception of the type of person would attend fights.

So, what is it? Why do so many women come to see MMA fighting here in Missoula?