Well you got to love auto correct right? Always thinking for you. Well now here are some of Montana's towns and cities that have been a victim of auto-correct. Glendive, MT  : " Glue Dive"

Winnett, MT : "Winner"

Alberton, MT: " Alberto's"

Bonner, MT: "Bonnet"

Butte, MT : "Butt"

Ekalaka, MT: " no replacement found" .... ha ha

Sunburst, MT: "sunburnt"

Choteau, MT: "Chateau"..french spelling most of the time.

Coldstrip, MT: "Cold Trip".

Polson, MT : "Poison".

Scobey, MT: "Scones, or Scabby"

Buzby, MT: "by by"

Ennis, MT: "Dennis or Tennis"

Just some of them that are auto corrected, try where you are from or live and see what it does. The Apple iPhone has better auto correct so they are a bit more amusing.