Just because teachers have summers in Montana off doesn't mean they have it easy.

Consider this: How much do you spend on work supplies each year if you work for the average company? Odds are, it's around zero. Most places provide the tools for your productivity.

According to three retired Montana teachers, they spend A LOT more than that.

"I think I probably spent about $345 give during my first year of teaching, and it became progressively more expensive each year" said Chelsea Florence, ex-teacher from St. Ignatius, MT.

"About $500 each year. Give or take," said retired teacher Darlene Florence from Ronan Middle School.

"I've spent onwards and upwards of about $600 each year for my own school supplies each and every year when I taught." said Ellen Traylor, from Polson, MT.

According to a recent survey, most Montana classrooms, along with the rest of the nations schools require about $1,000 of supplies each school year . . . and $485 of that comes straight out of the teacher's own wallet or purse.

Things like books, instructional materials, school supplies. Mostly supplied by the teachers themselves.

All together, it's estimated that school teachers shelled out $1.6 billion on school supplies during last school year alone...all from their own pockets.

Only 25% of teachers said that PARENTS were required to pay for supplies, which is down from 47% in 2010.