Just in time for the big Independence Day weekend festivities, a website ranked every state in America to see which ones were the most PATRIOTIC. How did Montana do with it's love for the red, white, and blue?

Well, first, they weighed different factors like military enlistment rates . . . the population of people voted in the most recent election . . . the number of volunteers.  The winner? VIRGINIA is the most patriotic state in America.

The top 10: Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Alaska, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Georgia.

The LEAST patriotic state was New York, which apparently has fewer veterans in their state.  Also, New York had fewer volunteers and a lower turnout at the polls. Rounding out the least patriotic states: New Jersey, Rhode Island, Utah, West Virginia, Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania.

Montana ranked 12th in the most patriotic. (USA! USA! USA!)

Check out the most patriotic states in America full list here.