I think it's safe to say that we all love a success story, and Ethan Thompson's story is no different.

Ethan is a Kalispell kid with a voice so beautiful it gives you chills. Trust me I know first hand. When I was attending college at the University of Montana I met Ethan through mutual friends and instantly liked him. Not just because he's easy on the eyes, which he totally is, but because he's a nice person with a beautiful heart and an unparalleled passion for making music.

Ethan has a few amazing songs out right now but the one he's most known for is "Love Me Like You Never Did." Do yourself a favor and listen to his acoustic version on Spotify! #Swoon "Never Gonna Give You Up" pulls on the heartstrings too!

But lets talk about his band Ocean Park Standoff and their incredible song "Good News." It's exactly the song the world needs right now. Ethan's voice hits your soul like a tidal wave. Trust me, you'll be hearing this on the radio very soon!

This morning I woke up to a message from my friend who works for On-Air With Ryan Seacrest in LA asking how I knew Ethan. When I told her, she let me know that he was recently signed by my friends at Hollywood Records and she saw Ocean Park Standoff's showcase the night before. To say she's obsessed is an understatement! Haha I think everyone who is in the same room as Ethan and his band is instantly hooked!

Ethan has come a long way from doing covers on YouTube. Getting signed by a label as big as Hollywood Records is a pretty big deal, but I think they did good signing Ocean Park Standoff.

I didn't know I needed Ocean Park Standoff in my life. But now that they're there, I don't know how I got so far in life without them!

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