Today is Veterans Day, when we honor the sacrifice that members of the military have made . . . both living and dead, and especially the ones that share the same towns and cities with. It may, or may not surprise you to learn that in the state of Montana we have more war veterans than most other places in the nation. According to the United State Census Bureau Alaska has the largest percentage of veterans, with 13.6% of the adult population.  Montana is second, at 12.7%.

Some other noteworthy facts about Veterans Day:

  • There are roughly 21.2 million veterans in the United States., 1.6 million of them are female.
  • The Vietnam War has the most veterans currently alive, close to 7.4 million. The Gulf Wars have about 5.4 million vets . . . Korean War with 2.3 million . . . and WWII has 1.6 million . . . along with the 5.3 million veterans that served during peace time.
  • Finally, there's no U.S. World War One veterans currently alive.  A vet by the name of Frank Buckles was the last one . . . he passed away close to two years ago at the age of 110 years old.

(U.S. Census Bureau)