Block management is a joint effort between landowners, public land management agencies, and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to help provide public hunting opportunities on private land and FWP is seeking landowners who are interested in participating.

"We've had the block management program for a number of years and right now, we actually have some capacity to take on some new landowners if there's an interest," FWP's Vivica Crowser said. "We just want to let people know that the opportunity is out there and we want to hear from land owners that might consider being a part of the program."

Crowser said there are benefits that come from the title of a “block management landowner.”

"As part of these agreements, we provide a level of compensation to the land owners, we help to make sure that the hunting activity that's going on on their lands is going so in a way that works with what they've got going on on their property as well," Crowser said. "You can limit the number of hunters and the number of species they're hunting for, and that sort of thing. The bottom line is we just try to work with land owners to allow hunting in a way that suits them."

Crowser said items such as permission requirements, vehicle use, and numbers of hunters are a few examples of what is covered in a block management contract.

For more information, or to receive an application package, interested landowners can contact Kendra McKlosky, Region 2 Hunting Access Coordinator, at (406) 579-9944.