You may have heard the saying "Good fences make for good neighbors." But not everyone wants to have the entire perimeter of their house fenced. I have recently been looking to confront a neighbor about the large amount of "land mines" (a.k.a dog poo.) that one of his many dogs has been leaving on my property. One of the few parts of my property that is not fenced. With the leaves falling and the threat of snow showers, I would like it if the neighbor did what is right and picks it up. If not, I will be forced to clean it up and somehow resist the urge to dump it all in his yard.

At the end of the day, before you get angry with your neighbor, it is all about communicating and sharing your concern. One neighbor in Alberton skipped the talking part and went straight to filling complaints.

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According to a recent GoFundme account, an Alberton family has found themselves having to shell out legal fees to protect their family dog from an angry neighbor. Their dog's name is Bodhi, and he is a dog specifically bred to protect livestock from predators. Bodhi's family owns 20 acres that are partially bordered by US Forest Service land. It is Bodhi's job to defend the family's four horses. But the way Bodhi is bred is to bark as a warning to predators that he is on patrol. A new neighbor is not fond of Bodhi's barking and has filed a complaint against the family. They have now hired a lawyer, to defend Bohdi, using the "right to farm" ordinance. So far the legal dispute has cost the family $1,000. Therefore, they have set up a GoFundMe for anyone who would like to help in Bohdi's defense.

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Listen, we have all had neighbors with annoying barking dogs. But, it is a lot different when the dog barking is only a couple of yards away. Bohdi's family lives on 20 acres. In a rural setting, a family should be able to make as much noise as they want on 20 acres. But the neighbor in question has chosen to complain about every dog within 1/2 mile of their home.

Bohdi is just doing his job.

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