The results are in for the North American Beer Awards and a Montana brewery has beaten big names like Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors in producing the best American-Style Lager.

Assistant Brewer Eric Rasmussen from the Montana Brewing Company in Billings says he was happily surprised to see the Prohibition Pilsner come out on top.

"To be honest, Prohibition Pilsner getting the gold was a huge surprise and, not to brag, but second place was Coors Original, so anytime you can take down the big boys at their own game... it's pretty fun stuff," Rasmussen said.

Montana Brewing Company was just one of 17 Montana breweries that came home with medals, many of them gold.

"Montana doesn't have a lot of people, but the people here definitely appreciate a beer culture and I think the breweries are reflecting that," Rasmussen said. "[Montana Brewing Company] walked away with three medals, and then Montana as a state won 31 medals. On a per capita basis we were definitely the top state, but as far as the total medal breakdown goes I think we are either number one or two."

Montana is certainly on the map for good beer. Below is the list of Montana winners for 2015:

Angry Hanks Microbrewery in Billings won Silver in Scottish-Style Export for "Frost killer"

Bayern Brewery in Missoula won bronze in Helles Lager for "Montana Helles Lager"

Big Sky Brewing in Missoula won silver in Barrel Aged Strong Beer for "Barrel Aged Power Wagon"

Blackfoot River Brewing Co. in Helena won silver in the Lambic category for the "Blackfoot Helambic"

Bozeman Brewing Co. in Bozeman won Bronze in American Style Pale ale for "Watershed Pale Ale" and Silver in Robust Porter for "Plum Street Porter."

Canyon Creek Brewing in Billings won in three categories. It took gold in Dortmunder/Export for its "MinPln Pils", Gold in Scottish Style Heavy for "Copper," and Silver in Irish-Style Red Ale for "Rabbit Head Red."

Carter's Brewing in Billings took home Silver in Biere de Garde with "The Keeper 2015."

Draught Works in Missoula took home a bronze in the Cream Ale Category for "That's What She Said" and a bronze in the Ordinary Bitter Category for "Shadow Caster Amber Ale."

Flathead Lake Brewing Co. took home a Silver and a Bronze in the Flanders-Style Red or Brown Ale category for  "Barrel 14 Sour" and "Montucky Sour Brown" respectively.

Great Northern Brewing Co. out of Whitefish took home Bronze for American-Style Strong Ale for "Good Medicine Strong Red Ale."

Katabatic Brewing Co. in Livingston took home Gold in the American Style Amber Ale catagory for "Anabatic Amber."

KettleHouse Brewing Co. in Missoula won Silver in English-Style Summer Ale for "Fresh Bongwater," Silver in California Common for "KettleHouse Kommon," and Gold in Biere de Garde for "Biere de Garde."

Montana Brewing Co. won gold in the American-Style Standard or Premium Lager with "Prohibition Pilsner", Gold in Irish-Style Red Ale for "Hooligan's Irish Red Ale" and Silver in Oatmeal Stout for "Custer's Last Stout."

Philipsburg Brewing Company out of Philipsburg won Gold in the Light Ale category for "Otter Water Summer Pale Ale"

Red Lodge Ales Brewing Co. out of Red Lodge won Gold in Doppelbock for "Dos Goatees Doppelbock", Gold in Efeweizen for "Helio Hefeweizen", and Bronze in Altbier for "Glacier Ale."

Tamarack Brewing Company out of Lakeside won Gold in English-Style India Pale Ale for "Core Shot Copper," Gold in the Specialty/Experimental Beer category for "Raspberry PHunkenstein" and Bronze in English-Style Barely Wine for "I Remember My First Barley Wine..."

Uberbrew in Billings won Gold in Brown Porter for "Stand Down Brown Porter" and Silver in Dry Stout for "Uberstition CCS"