We are officially 2 months away from being able to legally purchase marijuana. New Years Day 2022 is going to be the first time you can walk into a retail store and purchase cannabis. But it appears the state is having a hard time checking all the boxes before the official kick-off to legal marijuana.

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Montana counties are still voting on rules and regulations of retail shops. While some counties are limiting the number of shops allowed, to whether they can or cannot be in the city limits. The state of Montana is currently putting together all the rules and regulations of retail sales.

According to High Times

The Department of Revenue will hold a public hearing in the capital city of Helena on November 16 to consider the adoption of the proposed rules.

The proposed rules unveiled by the state’s Department of Revenue last week cover 15 different sections related to the implementation of the program.

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The rules cover everything from licensing and application process to testing and labeling requirements. Not to mention proper labeling for both ingestible and non-ingestible marijuana-infused products. With only 60 days remaining, the Cannabis Control Division is struggling to meet deadlines.

When Governor Ginaforte took office, one of the first orders of business was coming up with where the revenue from the legalized marijuana sales was going to go. He decided that the money would best be used to battle substance abuse in the state.

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According to High Times, Gianforte wants revenue to benefit the HEART Fund.

From the start, I’ve been clear that we need to bring more resources to bear to combat the drug epidemic that’s devastating our communities. Funding a full continuum of substance abuse prevention and treatment programs for communities, the HEART Fund will offer new support to Montanans who want to get clean, sober, and healthy.


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