My mom is awesome, don't get me wrong...but recently she's been getting on my nerves like crazy. I'm one of the kind of people that just don't like it when people tag me in their Facebook photos...

Am I vain? Yes. But I don't care. I lost about 80 pounds only recently and was slightly overweight in my younger years.

Lately, for some reason, my mom has taken it upon herself to take these horribly unattractive pictures of me from those chubby years and post them on Facebook for Throwback Thursday.

Why is she doing this to me?! I always untag myself from the photos, and then she gets offended like, "I'm you're mother! I can post whatever pictures of you I want!"

No, actually you can't. And yes, I WILL untag myself from those pictures, mom.

Should parents be allowed to post pictures of their grown children on Facebook? How do your parents embarrass you with social media? Am I a bad kid for wanting to untag myself from her pictures?