A teenage girl who has been dreaming of becoming a model recently received a full contract with a top modeling agency in Milan Italy. Next week Madeline Pace, 16 years old of Missoula will be flying internationally and staying in Italy for about 3 months while actively working with other teenage and young adult females from all around the world interviewing and attending casting calls to be hired by top companies in the fashion industry.

“Italy –Milan, is one of the top modeling cities in the entire world. Maddy (Madeline) has been working hard building up her portfolio and practicing runway, her interview skills and scripts which will play a major role in her success out there” says Casey Pobran, her agent and director of Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency based in Western Montana. Casey adds “Maddy has an exotic and stunning look with great poise and focus. She definitely has what it takes to make it big and the agency in Milan felt compelled to fly her out within weeks of our first contact with them.” Maddy’s family is very supportive and thrilled to be seeing her dreams coming true. As far as school goes, she will be able to remotely do her school work on her laptop computer while abroad. Her agent Casey says “Over the past two years Maddy and I have worked really hard and her time has now come to be an international model. We’re very proud of her and believe she will do very well. It’s an exciting time for all of us to see what transpires in this new journey she’s about to embark on”.

After Maddy returns from Milan, she’ll be back home in Montana just for a matter of weeks then she’ll be leaving again, this time for New York where another agency recently signed her on. There she will be attending more castings in the fashion and commercial industries. Having her experience and work in the Italian market first will definitely give her an edge in New York. Don’t be surprised if you see Maddy featured in national commercials and glamour magazines, or floating down the Clark Fork River in an inner tube this summer. She’s a Missoulian girl that’s going places but will always call Montana home.