Ughhh.. this irks me. We love sharing Montana UFO videos just as much as the next guy. Some are certifiably genuine "unidentified flying objects", others are just items that can easily be identified as something that were NOT from out of this world. Then there are some that are sooooo lame that we need to call them out.

Sorry YouTube user Zutown, we are calling YOU out for having the WORST possible UFO footage in the history of Montana State. Sure, we know, you are laughing from behind the keys of your message board knowing full well that this video would have been picked up by us and others when clearly its an awful CGI insert superimposed over shaky footage of Mount Jumbo. For some reason you might be getting a kick out of having one of your videos go viral, and if that is the case then congrats, you succeeded. Still, it's lame. Really really lame.

In either case, if you feel the need to wait a minute and a half of your time on this video like I did, go ahead, knock yourself out. Push play....but then, follow it up with some ACTUAL local UFO sightings on this page here.