The Missoula County Tavern Owners Association and its members, along with four local breweries are announcing the next Garden City Community Brew.

Co-owner of Missoula's Rhinoceros Bar, Brad Martens, said this is the third annual fundraiser, which includes members of the Missoula County Tavern Owners Association, along with local breweries such as Bayern, Kettlehouse, Draught Works and Big Sky.

"The first two community brews raised over $9,000 total for local charities," Martens said. "Four of our local breweries are pooling their resources to create a special one-of-a-kind brew that we'll supply to Missoula County tavern owners. This one's going to be a lemon lager that Big Sky will be brewing."

Martens said monies raised from this event will benefit WORD’s Summer Arts & Leadership Camp. This camp provides a free day camp for children recognized as homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The goal is to raise $9,000 which would help fund nearly two years of the camp. Previous proceeds from Garden City Community Brew include the Missoula Food Bank and Max Wave.

The event will kick off at Caras Park on July 10 at Downtown Tonight.

"I think we'll be brewing up about 65 kegs, and all proceeds will go to the WORD camp," Martens said. "I would imagine that will only last from three weeks to a month. It's a very limited amount, but it's for a very good cause."

Distribution for this fundraising lager will be from Zip Beverage.

Co-owner of Missoula's Rhinoceros Bar, Brad Martens