Making the rounds in the Missoula Facebook network today is a petition to let ESPN "know that their decision to Black out First and Second Round FCS Playoff games is a Bad Decision."

#OccupyESPN?? Wow!

According to a statement from the cable sports network, it all boils down to ratings. As if Montana isn't enough to support the viewership needed to make the advertisers happy. Clearly ESPN decision makers have not attended our tailgate parties, or kicked back a frosty one with us at The Press Box on game day. You see my point. So now a complete and total meltdown is happening on our walls and inboxes:

According to the event/petition page (which has nearly garnered an impressive 10,000 attendees):

Please Pass on to everyone you know, in and out of the State of Montana even if affiliated with another team in the Playoffs, Let our voices be heard!! I will be forwarding this to ESPN on the 1st of December.

Voice your opinion (please keep it Political and to the Point) at - Chris Peterson or 1-888-549-3776, EXT. 3 or

DON'T FORGET! We still have options for you to catch the games! Both online, and on the radio, here's how.