This week, we asked on our Facebook Fan Page a simple question: "Missoula Needs A _________" and the responses ranged from the realistic to the imaginative. Here's is what our audience suggested..

Tawny L. Killsnight ‎*SONIC* HaPpY hR.
Jess Keith Chuckie cheese
Melanie Wilcox I'm so saying an In and Out burger joint! Do it to it!
Jessica Henderson Olive Garden, and a Sonic!!
Jolene Tatum another safe place for teens to hang out...
Cassie Hintz Red Lobster, the Olive Garden, and Chipoltle.
Mercedes Courchesne All of those places
Jessica Lang Weekend with lots of sunshine.
Christopher Robinson Popeyes chicken
Dina Fish a better mall, olive garden, zoo, more things 4 kids 2 do, more family friendly places.
Brandi Neuenswander Baker I ditto Dina. We definitely need some places for kids to go have fun and a theme park and zoo would be nice too.
Vanessa Thompson Chucky Cheese.
Bri Whitney I think it is Clear That Olive garden Wins here!!!
Courtney Lazz Hookah bar
Randie Rufenach a hip hop artist who wont bail!
Kristin Fowler roller disco...
David Fadness indoor paintball park
Crystal Kobayashi Jack in the Box!
Richie Brushia In and out
Kelley Gaustad Buffalo Wild Wings and more sunshine!!
Donna Lisa Fair OLIVE GARDEN :)
Michelle Mikolas Chicago deep dish pizza!
Chris Watt competent city planner and mayor that realizes when population goes up you widen and fix the streets not shrink them and not maintain them :)
Ashley Robinson Already said, but I'm going to second it: OLIVE GARDEN!! :]
Tammi Robinson Red Lobster? or a Golden Corral Buffet =) and another place for Birthdays other then Freemo's pizza and McDs...
Lisa D Henderson A drive thru-liquor store set in a car wash, drive through, get ur booze without even steping out.
Tehara Arensberg Olive garden/red lobster since they come together.
Jami Thompson Olive Garden for sure!!
Andis Seccomb A cheese cake factory
Veronica Matt Hanken A roller skating rink!
Sonia E. Soto Red lobster or crab shack!!
Randie Rufenach coyote ugly

Christine Johnson ‎24hr bus system so ppl dnt get Duis n a rockin night club

What do you think of these suggestions? Are there any more ideas you'd like to add?

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