We stumbled across this photo on Facebook todayand we could not help but laugh. Seriously, some of the intersections in Missoula make no damn sense whatsoever! Rumor has it (and please, correct us if we are wrong here..), when Missoula was in its early stages of being constructed, four separate contractors began work on the city on opposite sides of town, only to finally come crashing into each other when they met up in the middle. Hence, Malfunction Junction! No wonder that Brooks street intersection is such a cluster!

Really, if you think about it, there are some streets that simply make no sense at all in this town! Roundabouts placed in places that really don't need it. Streets marked as one name which somehow get cut off midway, only to be replaced by another street name. Suddenly, a few blocks later, the street is renamed what it was blocks before. Even my GPS is like, "WTF?!?" from time to time.

But, really, are Missoula streets really all that bad compared to other cities? Or, are we just being negative Nancy's that should just buck up and deal with the inconveniences? Something tells me that we are making a mountain out of a mole hill with some of the minor setbacks our transportation layout has in store for commuters.  What say you?

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