Wow, I am a bit ( but only a bit) shocked by this. Missoula made the top 9 worst designed cities in the world! 

They say from the 'surface' it looks like just another Montana city BUT the way the complex grid is laid out. According to "That's until you notice its weird "Slant Streets" neighborhood, so named because it's the only section of town that doesn't follow a grid pattern, with streets running diagonally toward the Clark Fork River instead. This offbeat part of town actually dates back to the 1890s."

Anyone who has lived in Missoula knows this all too well, with Malfunction junction being a real intersection and trying to find your way around can sometimes prove very difficult.

We join the likes of cities like Dubai, Jakarta Indonesia, Atlanta, GA and Boston as well.

So what is Missoula's plan as far as making this city more easily accessible and commuter/tourist friendly?