I overheard in the office today some co-workers daydreaming about what the old K-Mart should turn into now that the major retail chain is closing it's doors:

"They should totally turn it into a go-kart racing facility!" said one of our DJ's

"A nightclub!" said one of our digital team members.

"How about a Chuck E. Cheese?" I said. Hey, once a kid, always a kid, right?

It's exciting to consider what we could possibly do with such a great location. If you think about it, practically any business could flourish in such a prime retail space. Heck, you can't go wrong with being on the corner of Reserve and Brooks. Except, maybe K-Mart. Who knows? You might inspire the next big entrepreneur with your ideas.

This will be fun! Throw some ideas out there in the comment section below and begin brainstorming on what major business might benefit from the old K-Mart spot.