Many of us would agree that our high school days were without a doubt the most exciting days of our young lives. High school was where we made our first friends, joined a sports team, challenged our own knowledge, and went through our first trials and tribulations in social scenarios. And it's with all of these fantastic memories that we can't help but feel good for the newest batch of students who have literally passed the tests to get where they are now. So, the question is:

When do high school seniors in the Missoula area graduate in 2012?

These Missoula County Public Schools, as well as surrounding area school graduation dates were approved by both the Board of Trustees at their February 2012 meeting, and superintendents in the rural counties near Missoula.

May 20th- Alberton, Superior

May 26th- St. Regis

May 27th - Darby, Arlee

June 1st - Big Sky, Hellgate, Sentinel, Seeley, Swan, Stevensville

June 3rd- Hamilton