In the quaint, quiet neighborhood of Windsor Park in Missoula, Montana there lies something very magical.

Imagine living in a community where every street corner is named after Harry Potter!

From Hermione Lane, Muggle Lane, Potter Park Loop, and even Diagon Lane each block represents some of the most magical themes of everyone's favorite teenage wizard.

According to Buzzfeed:

When the developers looked to name the streets of the neighborhood in its beginning stages 10 years ago, they wanted “something different, something unique,” said Collin Bangs, a broker and the owner of real estate firm Prudential Missoula Properties, which co-developed Windsor Park. “We wanted something outside of the standard names you hear all over the place, and someone said, ‘Well, the Harry Potter books have interesting names.’ And that hit a key right away.”


An overview of Missoula's Potterville neighborhood

Each home ranges between $150,000 to $200,000. A steal for anyone who has ever wanted to relive the magic of some of the most popular novels (and movies) of all time!

Sometime next summer, the neighborhood plans to hold it's very own Harry Potter themed block party.

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