In 2010, a beautiful fallen angel met the devil of her dreams at Halloween First Friday in downtown Missoula. They fell in love and completed their family with 2 spoiled doggies.

In 2016, she fainted at work and was rushed to the emergency room only to find out that she had a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit. Shande had an emergency operation to remove what we lovingly referred to as "James (the tumor)."

Photo by Megan Jane

When Shande recovered, Dustin proposed while singing karaoke at the Badlander and they began planning a Halloween wedding. Unfortunately, James wasn't completely removed in the first surgery and our fallen angel had to go back under the knife, the wedding was postponed. This time, the tumor was gone for good.

Photo by Night Owl Imagery

By Halloween of 2018, our couple didn't want to put it off any longer and eloped at the Missoula County courthouse. She was a fallen angel in black, and he was a handsome devil. They had a quick ceremony at 2:45 yesterday, followed by a grave yard photo shoot. They rounded out their special day with a celebration surrounded by an impressive amount of friends at Imagine Nation Brewing and karaoke (their favorite) at the Sunrise Salloon, where they also won the Willie's Distillery costume contest.

Congratulations to these 2 special weirdos, they were meant for each other and it's an honor to know them. Oh! And my Dave made the groom's ring, he's a big fan of Captain America, check this out.

Photo by Dave

Hair & Make Up by Megan Jane

Professional photos by Night Owl Imagery