With the rapid warm-up that western Montana is experiencing, Missoula Emergency Services is asking the public to watch for flooding.

Deputy Missoula Emergency Services Coordinator Adriane Beck said on Monday, March 3, that the public should be keeping an eye on area creeks, streams and rivers as the snow melts.

"We are keeping any eye on the snowpack in the area which is higher than normal this year, and we are asking the public to be aware as water levels rise over the next few weeks," Beck said.

Beck looks back just three years to the last time the Missoula valley experienced flooding.

"If you remember back in 2011, the area near Tower and Third Street was heavily inundated with flood water, as well as some of the smaller streams that are tributaries to the Clark Fork River," Beck said. "We continue to be in contact with the National Weather Service, and they have monitors on the rivers, as well as measuring snowpack, and we'll be waiting for information from them to broadcast out."

Beck said once the water starts to rise, Missoula residents should contact emergency services.

"We ask that people keep an eye on the areas they are familiar with, and if they think those areas are in danger of flooding, they should call 9-1-1, and we'll have someone come out and asses the area," she said.

Deputy Missoula Emergency Services Coordinator Adriane Beck