You are on Ryman Avenue, skipping from one bar in downtown Missoula to the next, not really realizing that for the cost of three or four drinks at a bar, you could get completely ANNIHILATED  by drinking a few at home by yourself . . . in your underwear.

But exactly how much do bars in Missoula mark up their drinks?  Well, we've got the full breakdown according to a former Missoula liquor rep by the name of...let's call him Jed. "Jed" would rather not reveal all too much about his affiliation with the local spirits distributor he once worked for. He'd someday like to work in the same field again, but feels that calling them out at this level would jeopardize his future employment...

We came across a recent study in Business Insider that says most people that frequent bars across the nation are subject to a 300 to 400 PERCENT across the board. we reached out to Jed to see if that Missoula follows the same pattern. "That holds true to most bars in Missoula as well. Although on nights where, say for example, a "Thirsty Thursday" event takes place with bottomless drinks, or a 'run the keg til it's dry' special is taking place, the owner of the bar sees dramatic profit decreases."

Here's how it works...

- When it comes to beer, you tend to get more value if you ask for an import beer in a bottle. Premium beers in a bottle markup to around 300% on average, while the other bottled beers jump to 400%...for drafts it's near 456%, while premiums from a draft are around 355%.

- Here's a tip with mixed drinks, not unlike the beers...order a top shelf liquor if you want the most bang for your buck. Expensive alcohol is marked up at near 300%, basic well liquor is near 456%.

- No matter the shot, you are pretty much screwed. Expect a 400% markup no matter the brand you prefer.

- Wine is marked up to around 350% if you get it in a glass. Close to 200% in a bottle...and again, around 150% in a PREMIUM bottle.

"Basically, you wanna enjoy a night on the town with some wine if you really want to see the lowest markups. That's the best advice I've got. And the cheaper the brand, the higher the markup" said Jed.

Jed also points out that Missoula has seen a dramatic decrease in drink purchases in area bars over the past 4-5 years...and a significant INCREASE in liqueur purchases at area convenience stores.

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