Missoula Democrats have decided to endorse current Mayor John Engen for another four-year term as Mayor of Missoula. Engen beat out candidates Peggy Cain, Michael Hyde and Dean McCollom for the Democrats endorsement after all candidates responded to a questionnaire.

"We think he's the kind of mayor that can continue to make Missoula a great place to play and live," said chair of the Missoula Democratic party Dave Kendall. "He's accomplished a lot in his two terms already, and he has a great agenda for the next four years."

At the top of the list of reasons offered for the Engen endorsement was experience. Engen will have served eight years as mayor after winning the last race unopposed. Things are, of course, different this year with multiple candidates vying for the job.

"He's really done a lot for us," Kendall said. "Bringing the ballpark to Missoula. Having the parks bond that we had a couple of years ago. He's been successful in developing land and parks in the south hills and in various places throughout  Missoula. There's just a sense that he has the kind of management and expertise that will keep Missoula a great place to attract businesses, which is really important in making sure we have jobs available for all of our residents."

Kendall also trumpeted Engen's plans for the future of Missoula.

"I think he wants to make sure that we can control our water by purchasing Mountain Water from the company that currently owns it," Kendall said. "We also want to see the development of the downtown section, so it remains a great place to play and work. I think that the further development of our parks is real important to Missoulians."

Dave Kendall: