I have always dreamt of doing stand up comedy. But, it is fun to dream. The thought of actually doing it is terrifying. Sure, I can be funny when I want to be. But, it isn't something I can just turn on and off like a light switch. The sun, moon and stars all have to be perfectly aligned in order for me to make an entire room laugh. Except when I am slightly inebriated. I heard from credible sources that I am apparently a "funny mutha effer" when I'm under the influence. Which makes me think that this upcoming comedy experiment in Missoula that just may just work.

According to the event page, the struggle is REAL

Stand-up comedians take to the stage and tell their BEST jokes, then they go to an undisclosed location to get WAY too high, only to come back to the stage and ATTEMPT to tell more jokes completely baked.

That's right! Comedians spend hours, days even years working on their comedy routines. They can practice day and night on a joke. Making sure that it is perfect. But, that could all change once they introduce the "devil's lettuce" into the mix. Who knows what could happen. Could the comedian's routine get thrown completely out the window and go straight ad lib. Or, maybe the comedian has some material that they wrote specifically for just such a situation. You will have to find out at the Cymatic Fermentation Project. 5646 West Harrier

Saturday, August 14th | Doors @ 7:30 PM | Show @ 8:00 PM | 21+

Tickets are limited and range from $20-$30

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