Temporary restrictions were put in place regarding fireworks just before the 4th of July by the Missoula City Council, but those restrictions have expired.

The council will be discussing the issue of fireworks again at their Monday, November 18 meeting. Ward three city councilor Bob Jaffe said on Thursday, November 14, that there will be some discussion about what fireworks may be safe to use within the city limits.

"Now we're looking at after seeing how the season went, we'll be implementing some changes in the ordinance that will be permanent," Jaffe said. "The main thing we'll be doing is permanently implementing some of the clean-up changes we made last time. I'll be introducing an amendment to have us consider making some exceptions to some of the most mild forms of fireworks, things like sparklers, snakes and the like."

Currently, no fireworks are allowed within the Missoula city limits, including sparklers, smoke bombs and party poppers. The public will be invited to comment on the proposed changes to the city's permanent fireworks ordinance at the regular Monday, November 18 city council meeting.

Missoula City Councilor Bob Jaffe