Craigslist, while best known for unloading stuff you don't need, can also be a great source for re-connecting with that special someone you locked eyes with from afar. The "Missed Connections" section is great for the times when you just weren't able to muster up the nerve to introduce yourself in person, or the opportunity simply wasn't there to present a formal acquaintance.

Who knows! Someone could have spotted you from afar and you simply didn't notice. That's where this category on the worlds largest online classified database comes in handy. Let's share a few of the most recent postings:

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    you are losing me rawr

    It is a shame that everything we have gone through, you have chosen to run away. You are so close yet so far. You are still the same tall handsome man I first met, but you are not the person I fell in love with. I pour my heart to you and you do the same. But only to please me in that moment. You are losing me love, if you have not already. Maybe this is my closure. Maybe this is a way to move on. So with a heavy heart I say... goodbye. Rawr

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    Dreams are gone

    I think about all you have said and all the dreams we had. My love for you is very deep. Why did you keep throwing it away.
    I changed how I reacted to your anger. I was the only women who would stand beside you through thick or thin. I know all you have gone through and your choices you have made and still loved you and stood beside you. Still you through me away.

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    Guy in bread Isle w dragon tattoo

    Saw you doing bread. Your gorgeous. You should hit me up sometime. I saw you checking me out too. We should get together and have some fun. Let me know what store we were in.

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    I miss your non-evangelical style

    You are still a whisper on my lips.
    A feeling at my fingertips, that's pulling on my skin.
    You leave me when I'm at my worst.
    Feeling as if I've been cursed; bitter cold within.
    Days go by and still I think of you.
    Days when I couldn't live my life without you.
    Without you.