A YouTube video was published Sunday night showing a Lower Rattlesnake resident allegedly pelting snow and small rocks at neighborhood children near the Missoula International School with his gas powered snow blower.  

Taking full advantage of the heavy snowfall this Sunday afternoon, many Missoula-area parents and their children hit the slopes with their sleds and toboggans. However, the ones sledding on this school property apparently received more than just snow on their coats and gloves.

According to the video, an unidentified man living nearby used his high-powered snow blower to clear the road near this home, dangerously close to children sledding on the popular hill. The snow blower kicked up numerous black rocks in the direction of the bystanders while the man made several passes.

There have been no immediate reports of serious injuries, although it seems the some children (seen in the video) were hit with rocks.

When the man was reached for comment by concerned parents he claimed that it was "his right" to use the snow blower in that area because the city had not come to plow that road yet.