When I was a kid no one really taught us how to dance, I just watched my friends and picked up things I saw on T.V. - anyone who's seen me dance can attest to that. LOL The staff and faculty at Loyola High School decided that kids need to learn to dance and what better place than with your friends and peers during school? So, they take a half hour each week and just dance - it's like a sock hop every week! Well, today I had the honor of judging the end-of-the-year dance competition and it was a blast! There were almost 50 teams of dancers and they started by warming up to various dances and then the entire group even did a line dance. After a few warm-ups, it was time for the competition and let me tell you these kids could out-dance some of the people on Dancing with the Stars! I had to get back to work as soon as the competition was over so I wasn't there for the final tally, but if anyone has an update post it below. Can't wait for next year's competition, great job LSH!