At 12:16 Sunday morning, March 17, Missoula County Sheriff's Deputies and Emergency Medical Service personnel responded to a shooting incident at the Lewis & Clark Trailer Park in Lolo.

According to the Sheriff's department, the shooting occurred after two men, ages 55 and 38, were unable to settle a dispute. A verbal argument escalated into a physical fight after one of the men "pushed the other to the ground."

When the man who had been pushed to the ground got up he ordered the other man to stay away and to get off of his property. He then "retrieved a .22 caliber pistol that was nearby."

The other man dared the homeowner to shoot and stepped back toward the property at which point the homeowner fired, launching one round in the other man's forehead.

After the gunshot, the homeowner attempted to care for the wounded man while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

According to the Sheriff's report, the wounded man is currently in stable condition at St.Patrick's Hospital. An investigation is still underway so no charges have been filed and no names have been released.

Sheriff's Spokesman Jason Johnson