Just received this in an email..

I had to vent to you guys. My Valentine’s Day was awful. My boyfriend of 3 years was such a selfish jerk last night. It started out promising when he gave me a nice card some chocolates and a dozen red roses. He said that he tried all week to get into a nice restaurant but they were all booked so we had to settle for Hooters since it was close to the movie theater. After Hooters we went to the movies. I thought maybe we would see Silver Linings Playbook but no he wanted to see the new Die Hard movie so that's the movie we watchedI was so angry and still am angry at him. After the movie I had him drop me off at my apartment alone. He was shocked that I was so angry. He didn’t understand evening saying to me how he knows I love Hooters wings and all the Die Hard Movies. Which I do but come on its Valentine’s Day and it’s all about romance not looking at other women’s boobs or watching an action movie.

I can’t be the only one who had an awful Valentines’ Day being with a clueless oaf. I hope.

Do you think she’s being over dramatic and should be happy he gave her flowers and candy and took her out for the evening?