The Creation of Color invades Ogren Park in Missoula once again with a performer that truly deserves your eyes and ears. 3LAU (prounounced "BLAU") started out in with mashing up recognizable mainstream medleys (ala. DJ Earworm), then went off on a path that was more uniquely him. Trance meets progressive, vocals and harmony collide into energy...that's the best way to describe his music.

Life in Color is coming back to Missoula on Saturday, Septemeber 19th at 5:00pm to 700 Cregg Ln, in Missoula. Better known as Ogren Park.

This event is on a top caliber of production. The stage is immense, the local support is also on point. Oh, and it's a paint party. So, wear white!

Ticket details and RSVP.