Another ouch for Lady Gaga! The singer tweeted a picture of her bruised eye, which is an injury she likely sustained after she suffered a concussion while performing in New Zealand for her Born This Way Ball Tour.

Gaga was performing ‘Judas’ when one of her dancers accidentally smacked her over the head with the prop. He’s likely to be forever known as the back up dancer who gave Gaga a concussion! We’re not so sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, in terms of Gaga lore.

Gaga may have been concussed like an NFL player, but she didn’t call for a time out and she didn’t call it off, which she would have been well within her rights to do. A head injury is no joke, but when you are the Mother Monster, the little monsters come first, 24/7/365. Make that 366 if it’s a leap year!

Gaga got herself quite a shiner, so she shared the photo with fans. The tweet and the photo are below. If there’s one thing we’re sure of, Gaga could never be of questionable styling, even with a big ol’ bruise.

Plus, her makeup artist, who shared via her personal Twitter account that she was nursing the wounded Mother Monster after her onstage mishap, will be able to cover that black and blue mark up with a little bit of concealer and some artful buffing, courtesy of a big, fluffy makeup brush. There are ways around this and if anyone can emerge from a concussion looking faboo, it’s Gaga.

If all else fails, sunglasses!